Ghoulish Goodies

Are you in need of a craft for a Halloween party or a fun dessert for family and friends?  Keeping the kiddos busy with crafts and fun foods makes life much easier on you and makes the party a fun and memorable event for them.  Having been a teacher, The Chocolate Goddess knows that if you don't have a good plan, chaos will surely ensue.   

These frightfully delicious monster donuts are not only fun to look at, they are also fun to make and to eat!  The Chocolate Goddess strongly suggests letting each child make two, one for dessert and one to take home to show their families.

A few days before the party, order different varieties of donuts with holes in the middle and purchase candies.   Planning ahead will make life much easier the day of the party.  My donut shop has a great variety of donuts, but I ordered plain donuts to frost the day of the party.  I also picked out candy corn, monster mouth pops, gummy teeth, cotton candy for hair, and blood shot eyeballs (from my local craft store).

To set up for the party, I put a variety of candy in front of each child's chair.  Candy corn can be eyes, teeth, earrings, spiked hair....I am sure you will think of some clever candies or foods to use on your own. 

Just before party guests arrive, make colorful frosting and frost the plain donuts.  Mix powdered sugar with a tiny bit of milk and a tiny bit of food coloring. I like pink, green and orange. Spread a substantial layer on the donuts. Save each a small bowl of each color of icing to uses as glue for the candy decorations.  Make white icing for vanilla iced donuts and chocolate icing with cocoa powder for chocolate iced donuts. Plan on decorating the donuts first so that the icing is still moist and the donuts will dry by dessert time. If the icing on the donuts sets too quickly, moisten the icing with a little milk or water right before the craft to act as glue.

This activity works for any age since the adults were eager to make suggestions on the donut decorating. You can even make them for an adult party.  I guarantee there will be laughs and the ghouls will get gobbled up! We'd love to see what you come up with ... email photos of your ghouls and monster creations to