Wrapping Gifts with Show Stopper Style

Wrapping Gifts With Show Stopper Style

This past spring I had two big presents to wrap for my niece's bridal shower, one from me and one from my mom. I found some beautiful wrapping paper, but Hallmark, Party City and Papyrus did not have any bows large enough or the right color.   Imagine how silly a large box with an undersized bow in the middle would look? 

     I decided it was time for a little ingenuity and took swatches of the paper to my local Michael’s for some ribbon and matching flowers. A treasure trove of pastel shades of summer and spring flowers awaited me. They were so beautiful, I thought it best to buy extra flowers to keep in stock for future showers, birthdays and baby gifts. Craft stores stock mainly seasonal colors, so it would be wise to stock matching flowers, ribbon and wrapping paper for each season.  Since the gift was such a hit, I now have wrapping paper, ribbon and flowers saved in my attic, coordinated for every season.

     The tools for this wrapping project were simple - hot glue sticks and a hot glue gun (with a hot plate or spoon rest to protect the counter), flowers and a wire cutter, ribbon and a scissor.

IMG_4530 (2).JPG

     First I wrapped the gift and since the paper didn’t cover the entire box, I created inserts for the sides.  I only wrap the top of large boxes so I don’t rattle the contents or rip the paper turning the heavy box. Then I tape the paper on the bottom and pull the tape under the box.  Do this several times on all 4 sides so it doesn’t tear when being moved around.


     Using the wire cutters, I cut off the stems near the flowers so they would have a flat foundation.  I laid them out on top first to make sure their placement was perfect and then glued them down. 

     I glued down a band of ribbon going in each direction on the top of the box only. On one package I also glued individual flowers on the ribbon itself.

     The result was awesome - the gift inspired the best reaction from the bride and guests.  People were asking me to wrap a gift for them, even an empty box - so they could have something so stunning to open just once.

     My nephew Colin Vitale, who is a clothing designer, likes to do themed gifts. This year his presents for his mom's birthday were focused on vintage birthday items like the candles and candle holders  below.  He was excited to find vintage wrapping paper online. 



     A gift I composed for an avid gardener consisted of a pretty can with a lid that I thought would be a great place to store gardening tools and coordinated gloves and vegetable and carrot seeds.  A stunning orange geranium brought out the color in the butterflies and some faux flowers gave it a little height.

     Don't laugh, a goddess always thinks ahead.  I found the prefect gift for someone special and wrapped the first of my Christmas presents for December 2017!  I hope to gather a few more goddess wrapping innovations for the holiday season and will share my ideas and inspiration, but think ahead with your gifts and wrapping.  Buying gifts that are perfect for someone is a smart thing to do. How many times have you said, "I should have bought it when I first saw it?" Wrapping ahead makes a goddess' lifestyle easier and makes so many people feel so special.

Happy Wrapping!

and Remember

Always Stay in Touch with Your Inner Goddess!