Chocolate is better than flowers ...


The Chocolate Goddess® shares her luscious chocolate recipes in Luxurious Chocolate Desserts to Arouse the Goddess in All of Us.  It is a cookbook with a divine purpose - a collection of delicious chocolate recipes made with the contemporary goddess in mind, today’s empowered woman, who deserves the very best.

Chocolate must be celestial, since it is truly like no other food on earth. Offer chocolate in any form to people and it becomes obvious that it is a lustful temptation and a guilty pleasure. Chocolate has the amazing ability to engender an incredible sensual delight – eating chocolate desserts seems decadent to people.

Everyone has their own chocolate favorites and, with this book, The Chocolate Goddess® has set about trying to please all tastes and needs. She has chosen the most scrumptious chocolate recipes that will take you on a journey from sublime and elegant chocolate desserts to delicious and playful treats, all presented exquisitely in this heaven sent cookbook.

Whether you purchase the book for yourself or for someone else, the reader will immerse
herself or himself in the divine recipes in this cookbook. The Chocolate Goddess is absolutely delighted to be able to share her passion for chocolate with all of you. The Chocolate Goddess Luxurious Chocolate Desserts to Arouse the Goddess in All of Us is available on Amazon in both soft cover and kindle versions.


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