I was so delighted to have the opportunity to be interviewed with by the West Hartford Connecticut Life Publications, a group that produces 10 newspapers in the Farmington Valley of Connecticut. Tracey Weiss the editor of the West Hartford paper was kind enough to pay me a visit this past Monday morning to see the progress of my up and coming cookbook entitled “TheChocolate Goddess - Luscious Chocolate Desserts for the Goddess in All of Us”.

Tracey was extremely pleasant and most comprehensive in her interview; exploring my roots and inspiration, my science, art and culinary background and finally inquiring about the details of the cookbook. We explored the cookbook together and she just loved the delicious and creative recipes, theexquisite photographs and uniquely beautiful artwork.

Like most cookbooks, this one has been a labor of love for the past two and a half years. I have been perfecting and testing recipes, and composing and staging beautiful pictures with the help of my art team KayWaal Creative, headed by Justin Waaland and Arizona Kay. I have divided the cookbook into five sections: Cookies, Brownies, Cupcakes, Cakes and Pies and Goddess Delights. Each section is better than the next and just wait until you see the pictures and taste the decadent chocolate desserts!

Tracey had a taste of my cookies and saw the cookbook. She asked me for out projected launch and we are hoping that will be in time for Valentine’s Day 2013 so that everyone can make a recipe for someone they love!

- Barbara Esatto, The Chocolate Goddess