Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Chocolate Rabbits and Chocolate Eggs

A Gift from Ostara the Goddess of Springtime

 The Chocolate Goddess would like you to know about another famous goddess, Ostara, the joyful goddess of springtime and how chocolate rabbits and eggs became a tradition.

 Ostara holds a passion for all things new and is the goddess who reawakens the earth from its winter dormancy.  She delights in coaxing flora to bud and blossom once again.  When Ostara has had enough of winter, she frolics through the countryside warming the earth, making it possible for rivers and streams flow freely once again.

 Mythology holds that the compassionate Ostara once saved a little bird that was freezing in the snow.  Since the bird's wings were frozen and damaged, Ostara transformed him into the swift rabbit Lepus, who retained the ability to lay eggs.  Ostara gave him the privilege to return to earth once a year and leave eggs, in all the colors of the rainbow, in the woodlands.  The goddess Ostara and the swift rabbit Lepus will forever be associated with the joyful traditions of the Easter season.

 In 1875 the first Cadbury Eggs were made in dark chocolate and then in 1905 the milk chocolate egg was launched.  Cadbury was responsible for developing an array of Easter chocolates shaped like eggs, rabbits and chicks.

Who doesn’t enjoy Easter chocolate?  Bring joy to springtime like a goddess and do something creative with Easter Chocolate. Make a basket of chocolates for your children, family or give a basket as a hostess gift.  Put a large chocolate rabbit in the center of your dessert table or a small chocolate rabbit at each place setting.  Dress them up with a bow or in a little basket or bit of grass.

My Easter Dessert Centerpiece

Keep your Easter Festive and Full of Chocolate!


Always Stay in Touch with Your Inner Goddess!