Moving to Mount Olympus

I have been off the radar for a few weeks while I prepared my home in New York for sale. I will live permanently now in Connecticut, in my mountain top home. I have a great view and indeed feel like a goddess on Mount Olympus.

It has been very difficult for me to leave my home of 27 years. What I will miss most is being where so many memories were made. Although I hold the memories in my heart and mind, somehow being where they originated was a comfort.

My son grew up there and we always had many of the family holidays on Long Island. Now my son, his lovely wife and my new grandson are here in Connecticut – how can I pass up being near them? My grandson has a cherub face with blue eyes and reddish hair – a real little Cupid!

My living here will also make it a bit harder for my parents to travel here for parties. Two and a half hours versus one hour makes a difference but things change and I must follow my heart.

The cookbook is now being edited. It looks spectacular – every recipe has a beautiful picture. You can almost taste the chocolate desserts with your eyes!

Every mouthwatering chocolate cookie, cupcake, brownie, cake, pie or goddess delight has been tested and retested. The Chocolate Goddess - Luxurious Chocolate Desserts for the Goddess in All of Us - will be out for Valentine’s Day along with the beautiful apron with the pink heart shaped logo on a chocolate colored background ( the chocolate won’t show up when you bake!). So get ready for a beautiful and fantasy-like approach to my cookbook soon. I promise to write you more often. Remember to be goddess!