Puppy Dog Tales

The Adventures of My Two Chocolate Cockapoos Cocoa and Truffle

Born on Thanksgiving, Cocoa and Truffle my two chocolate-colored 
puppies are 12 weeks old now. Just how sweet and naughty they can be from one minute to the next is amazing. Cocoa was just chewing on the tassels of my throw blanket that cascades down the arm of the sofa. While I ran over to stop her before she could ingest any threads, Truffle decided to see how the wooden legs of the kitchen chair taste.

A verbal reprimand from me has them on their hind legs dancing trying to say they are sorry. I pick them up and kisses are punctuated by bites on my nose and chin. They are beside themselves with glee that I still love them. How could you not?

Even though I have to get up every four hours when mother nature calls them, I have to remember they fill me with such love and joy, they are so happy to see me – I can do no wrong.

I am trying to make lemon bars because my English friend Sylvia is visiting tomorrow to see the puppies. I imagine a spot of tea and a lovely lemon dessert will herald in the sunshine. The puppies are stalking each other around the counter. I have to be careful they do not get underfoot. They are 5 pounds of fury!

Here in Connecticut I am afraid to venture out after the blizzard and feel I better stay in just one more day a day. After 30 inches of snow and roads that are all not totally plowed, it is better to stay home and bake for my friend. The sweet smelling aroma wafting through the house will be comforting.

The puppies drift off to sleep in their bed at the end of the counter, life is good for all of us. So remember to BE Goddess, adopt a pet, bake for a friend – it will make the world a better place.