Christmas Decorating

Everyone needs some last minute inspiration! My friend and neighbor, fellow goddess Tracy Hinkel, hosted a fantastic cocktail party this past weekend.  The most inspiring aspect? She used butcher’s paper as a runner! She set the scene with serving dishes of staggered heights and four very tall red candles.


Some of the foods were placed directly onto the paper.

When every last delicious morsel was eaten, she simply discarded the paper.


Welcome to my home!  First impressions are so important and a beautifully swaggered, lit, and decorated Christmas garland always gives a warm welcome.  And, of course, there are gingerbread houses everywhere!


The Christmas garland continues across the balcony that is visible from the living room.


Our tree is an eclectic collection of family favorites.  Every year we add to it, so it is full of memories!

IMG_4852 (1).jpg

The stockings are hung…


I admit, I am Christmas crazy.  I made an icy Christmas village in a French antique closet.


I placed used a long inexpensive mirror for an ice effect.  The globes light up a beautiful icy color!


We have many owls in the woods by our house and now we have them inside, too.  White beaded branches, a bit of snow ,and some straw owls pose on the top of the dining closet.  The birch logs are actually made of painted paper that I found them at Barnes and Noble, of all places!


Santa, baking in his kitchen.  You  can get the recipe for Santacakes here.


A goddess takes extra care when wrapping.  Make someone feel special with coordinated bows and boxes.

FullSizeRender (29).jpg

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