A Super Bowl of Chocolate Trifle

Decadent Chocolate Trifle

Super Bowl Dessert

 Sunday is the Big Game Day, a day where football players will go big at the game or go home. The big entitles the rest of us to eat big at the party or go home.  For this particular Sunday in February, we give ourselves permission to let loose and revel in an evening of high caloric intake.  Our need for comfort food in the winter is driven by the cold, lackluster nature of the season and we need to allow ourselves to give in to our primitive instinct to fuel up.  Super Bowl® Sunday is the perfect excuse for fulfilling our bacchanalian needs.  Most people host a crowd and are producing or ordering huge quantities of unfussy foods.  So why not finish the evening off with a colossal, uncomplicated, chocolate trifle for dessert? 

Although the word trifle suggests something small, the use of the word in this dessert was refers to something whimsical and unfussy.  The trifle originated in England where the archetype consisted of layers of sponge cake, drizzled with liquor, a layer of fruit ,and then vanilla custard. The layers were repeated until the large glass bowl was full to the top.  A modest spoonful was probably the culmination to a luncheon of watercress tea sandwiches after a rugged game of cricket. 

Admittedly the British Trifle won’t garner any respect as a game day dessert here in the states.  The Chocolate Goddess has used the trifle as a mere template for unprecedented innovation to create the best trifle ever!  The British premise is easily adjusted to a mammoth dessert that serves a crowd. This dessert will put you in tune with your inner dessert savage, so put your dessert game face on.

 Several layers of full out American favorites are stratified in a beyond amazing super big bowl of fan favorites – from brownies to cookie dough to Oreo’s to caramel and toffee bits.  Use homemade brownies or store bought brownies, buy cookie dough or make your own…no stress.  Make it the day before or in the morning, chill it and just hand over bowls and a big spoon after the wings, chile and dips are gone. 

 May All Your Sweet Dreams Come True!

And Remember

Always Stay in Touch with Your Inner Goddess


A Super Bowl of Chocolate Trifle


10 Brownies or 40 Brownie Bites

Oreo cookies, cut in half

Chocolate Ecstasy Icing

1 cup chocolate chips

1 - 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk)

Good quality thick and creamy Caramel (I love Fresh Market ®)

Edible Cookie Dough (or 3 jars of store bought Edible Cookie Dough)

4 sticks Unsalted Butter

1 ½ cups Sugar

1 ½ cups packed Light Brown Sugar

2 teaspoons Pure Vanilla Extract

3/4 cup flour  

1 teaspoon Salt

Toffee Bits (I used Hershey’s ® Heath® )

Bavarian Cream

2 packages instant Godiva Vanilla Pudding Mix

½ pack Powdered Sugar

2 cups Cold Milk

2 tubs Extra Creamy Cool Whip ® thawed

Chocolate Shavings or Nestle’s ® Mini Chocolate Chips and or Toffee Bits O’ Brickle

Instructions for Trifle Creation

Heat oven to 350 degrees and bake flour for 5 minutes only - to purify.  Let cool.  (Or use prepared edible cookie dough).

Mix remaining edible cookie dough ingredients together and set aside.


Chop about 10 brownies into 4 small squares each and make a layer in a glass bowl. Or use brownie bites like I did, stand some upright.


Melt 1 cup chocolate chips with sweetened condensed milk and pour on top of brownies.


Next scoop on a layer on creamy caramel. Use a really thick caramel, like this one. Sundae sauce and some jarred caramels will run over the sides and ruin your layered look. You can substitute a caramel buttercream.


Spread edible cookie dough on top of caramel layer. Edible cookie dough is a dessert by itself, but with all these favorites it becomes a real real crowd pleasing dessert!


Add halved Oreos. Pipe the outside with the half-moon shapes and then lay more in the center.


Sprinkle toffee bits …

Make the Bavarian cream by combining the pudding mix, powdered sugar and milk. Beat for 2 minutes on high. Fold in the Cool Whip®.

Top trifle with the cream.

Decorate with shaved chocolate or mini chips, or toffee bits.

Chill until an hour before serving time.