The unrestrained splendor and ferocious creativity of the Alexander McQueen fashion show “Savage Beauty” displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is to say the least, breathtaking.  His fashion has crossed over to another dimension where shapes and forms of garb become ethereal.

His pieces tell stories – there are those garments that evoke royalty and splendor.  Others cross over to a mythical land where unicorns may exist, where clothing sprouts feathers or buds horns. It as if Alexander the Great has actually breathed life into his designs.

His creations are truly fit for royalty and divinity, women who rightly see themselves as a contemporary goddesses.  McQueen had worked as an apprentice to clothiers of the Royals when he was just 16 and there he learned to capture the essence of the sovereigns.  His fashion house still tries to maintain his essence, for the future Queen of England saw fit to choose a McQueen gown for her wedding.

The presentation of the display is done well and maintains the integrity of the McQueen mindset.  It shows how Alexander McQueen has taken fashion to a place where it takes on a life of its own. Apparel is no longer just functional piece of material that merely protects from the elements. He manipulates us into thinking and takes us to spiritual or dark places.  It inspires sweet thoughts through the gracefulness of the materials folds and the delicacy of lace and beading.  Walk into another gallery and the costumes project royalty and his affinity for his monarchy.

Most of all his couture inspires us to say, “If Alexander McQueen was able to take fashion to such a divine plane, I should be able to do better and be more creative in my field”.  The Chocolate Goddess aspires to do this in both its recipes and presentation.  Tomorrow The Chocolate Goddess will pull back the curtain and give you a glimpse of our artwork of a delicious dessert that is beautifully presented and photographed.  This dessert will appear in the cookbook that is presently being composed.

-Barbara Esatto