A Charming Variation on The Gift Basket


Here is a brand new and fresh idea on the gift basket! This decorative cardboard box is shaped like an old fashioned satchel adorned with butterflies.The Chocolate Goddess thought this was the perfect inspiration and starting point for a creative themed gift. Boxes like this can be found in craft stores like Michael’s.

The box is filled with butterfly bush seeds, a butterfly mug, a butterfly box, a gift certificate from Pier I that was is shaped like a butterfly, butterfly earrings and of course a touch of chocolate - a butterfly-shaped chocolate lollipop. Color coordinated tissue paper was used to keep the articles from moving. The finishing touch was flowers that already had butterflies that were placed in the voids.

When you are done with your composition, wrap the package in cellophane with a coordinated bow for a spectacular presentation. Givinga gift like this, people will realize the planning, time and effort involved incoordinating the idea. It becomes an enjoyable project, almost like a scavenger hunt, to find the best treasures for your theme.

- Barbara Esatto, The Chocolate Goddess