Ice cream sodas are extraordinarily simple to make yet delicious and refreshing as a summer dessert. A crowd pleaser for every age, ice cream sodas will elicit giggles from your guests.

Start with a fun, inexpensive glass, this one was a bargain at $1.49.  Enhance the look by placing the glass on a paper doily, and stand on a pretty plate.  Remember, each guest’s glass and doesn’t have to be the same.  Add a colorful straw and don’t forget the ice cream soda spoon – I got mine for 15 cents each at a local yard sale.

Ingredients for each Glass:

Remember glass size varies so adjust for your taste!

2 large scoops of Breyer’s® Black Raspberry Ice Cream

1 ½ glasses of cold Seltzer

¼ cup of cold Whole Milk

3 tablespoons Good Quality Chocolate Syrup

½ teaspoon vanilla

Garnish suggestions: black or red raspberry, cherry, whipped cream, chocolate syrup.

Place syrup, milk and vanilla in the glass and stir, .  Promptly add ice cream scoops.  Wipe down sides of glass and place on plate setting.  Add straw and serving spoon and any garnishes you wish.

-Barbara Esatto, The Chocolate Goddess