Black and White Ice Cream Soda

Black and White Ice Cream Soda
Every summer, I must enjoy at least one Black and White Ice Cream Soda. It happens to be a soda fountain favorite and it is an easy fix for your company or yourself! The “Black and White” in the Big Apple, and Ice Cream Float with vanilla ice cream or a Chocolate Float. 

What a fun dessert for your company and so easy. Plan and set up your soda fountain glasses, plates, whipped cream, cherries, long spoons and straws ahead – presentation is a major part of the fun!

Put an ounce of chocolate syrup in each glass, about 3 fingers deep.  Make sure you have good quality vanilla ice cream and chill your seltzer. Just before serving pour your seltzer in each glass and stir. Put two hearty scoops of ice cream in each, a squirt of whipped cream and top with a cherry.

Voila! It’ black, it’s white and it’s spectacular!