Brownie Sundaes
The Perfect Summer Dessert & Party Idea

Last Sunday our family got together to kick off the summer at our country house in Connecticut. We ate all American fare - pulled pork sliders, frankfurters, corn on the cob, southern fried chicken, burgers, steak, salads and corn bread.  Desserts included cookies, pies, chocolate cake and do it yourself Brownie Sundaes for kids of all ages.

Whether you make the brownies yourself, (there will be a host of brownie recipes to choose from when the cookbook comes out later this year) or you buy the brownies and ice cream, the important thing is attending to the garnishes, serving cups and decorations.

Here are pictures of some of the sundae cups from the last party that adults and children made.  The decorative sundae cups came from Sur la Table. They also sold decorative little pinwheels on toothpicks from Meri Meri’s Toot Sweet Party Collection that matched perfectly!

I bought ice cream cups from Hagaan Dasz in all flavors and we cut some in disc shapes. Make sure you have the brownies (you can cut them in triangles like we did), sprinkles, caramel, fudge, cherries and all kinds of fun decorations set out ahead.  Then all you have to do is take out the whipped cream and ice cream at the last minute and let everyone have some creative food fun!

Have a party this weekend and make everyone happy – BE Goddess!