Wet and Windy Weather
And Our Indoor Picnic

Our barbeque plans for Memorial Day weekend had been in the makings for weeks.  From appetizers to dessert we wanted everything to be delicious and perfect. We were having 35 people so my husband Paul and I had rented additional umbrella tables this year since last year we baked in the sun.

However this past weekend in the northeast was wet and very windy. So with the help of our friends Vicki and Neil we brought the picnic tables and chairs inside and assembled them - minus the umbrellas.

I had purchased watermelon shaped plates, so the whole color them was based on red, green, pink and white.  We needed a focal point for the table, so Vicki and I quickly collaborated and came up with the idea of watermelon slices.

We borrowed the pink, green and red cake pedestals I had gathered for dessert and had them double as the watermelon centerpiece. Paul and Neil quickly carved two watermelons.

The food and barbeques proceeded as planned and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  The novelty of an indoor picnic with family and friends kept the weather from dampening everyone’s spirits!