Cotton Candy Cupcakes
What fun cotton candy cupcakes will be for the spring and summer! These cupcakes are great for barbecues, children’s birthdays and every day celebrations. Cotton candy is that sweet and whimsical treat that takes everyone back to their childhood.

Cotton candy or fair floss doesn’t take much sugar to create. The sugar is spun into fine fibers. Before making these cupcakes I purchased several colors of cotton candy.

I started with some vanilla cupcakes. I took plain vanilla frosting and colored it to match the cotton candy. I used Hampton Kotton Kandy® and Bernod’s Spun City Cotton Candy® because it’s natural and organic, and I loved the colors it came in.

Duncan Hines® makes frosting to which you can add their flavor packets. One in fact does come in a cotton candy flavor and turns the icing a blue color. I chose to make my icings in small batches to match each color of the cotton candy.

Top your cupcakes with a pillowy mound of cotton candy just before serving to assure the colorful clouds aren’t affected by any moisture in the air.

BE Goddess!