Comfort Cupcakes

We are all experiencing sorrow over the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. The Goddesses are saddened by the fact that such heinous event could harm innocent people and children.

After having been a teacher for many years, I can tell you that families are once again worried about their safety and well-being. It seems that even our humble communities are not safe from threats as of late.

It is up to us to bring them comfort and reassurance that home is a safe haven. The purpose of today’s blog is not to provide a recipe, but just to encourage you to bring the family together and present a fun dessert. The Chocolate Goddess believes nothing says fun, happiness and comfort as much as cupcakes – especially cupcakes decorated and displayed in a cheerful way.

Make your favorite cupcake recipe or just use a boxed mix – it doesn’t matter, the point is to bring joy. Make them with the children or surprise them. Decorate them with your favorite icings. No need to fret if you don’t have the time to make cakes and frostings from scratch, there are many good ready- made choices available on the market. Gather material, table cloths, plates, candy decorations and sugars. The purpose is to make to make it a feast for the eyes – presentation is everything.

Set up your cupcake dessert table ahead so your everyone can anticipate eating them after dinner. Order pizza or make their favorite comfort food for the main course. Bring comfort, love and joy – BE Goddess!