The Chocolate Goddess cookies are so divine that each one is named after a goddess. Our celestial chocolate chip cookie is named after the goddess Isis, known to the ancients as, “The Goddess of All Things”. Isis is a fitting name indeed for the chocolate chip for isn’t it truly the cookie of all cookies?

Isis is the Egyptian goddess who was venerated for her all-encompassing powers and loving disposition. Often referred to as “The One Who Is All”, she is a goddess who displays the same characteristics of today’s woman – a woman who is powerful, yet delicate, strong yet compassionate, intelligent while feminine.

Isis was a goddess who spent time on earth imparting her wisdom about agriculture and teaching women how to grind grains and bake. Isis is also the goddess of motherhood and fertility as well as wisdom and medicine. She walked among the poor as well as among the wealthy trying to impart her wisdom. She was known to the Egyptians as “She Who Knows How to Make Right Use of the Heart” for she personifies the kindness and compassion of womankind.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the Nile River flooded its banks each year because it swelled with the tears of Isis who mourned the death of her husband Osiris. It is said when she recovered his body, she turned into a sparrow hawk, fluttering her wings over Osiris until life was fanned back into him.

Isis is often depicted as having wings and wearing a crown in the shape of a throne. Isis became the most powerful of the gods and goddesses in the Egyptian mythology. The veneration of the goddess Isis was absorbed into Rome and temples were erected in her honor. Her reputation was as far reaching Greece, Arabia and other parts of Europe.

Watch for The Chocolate Goddess chocolate cookie recipe next week!

-Barbara Esatto, The Chocolate Goddess