Once Upon A Time in the not too far distant past, women came to the realization that they were all goddesses.  It came to light that a goddess can be strong yet gentle, that they are intelligent while still alluring, that they are leaders and achievers that are feminine.  It was realized by these goddesses that the most delicious, and sensual indulgence for them was chocolate.  Chocolate was now to be the food of the goddesses, rather than the gods.  These goddesses needed the most delicious source for their pleasure and hence The Chocolate Goddess was summoned to provide for their needs.The Chocolate Goddess vowed to make only the best chocolate truffle cookies, brownies, and cakes and a myriad of other confections for all to mindfully indulge in.  She used excellent chocolate, fresh milk and butter and the best ingredients to engender an incredible sensual delight.  All of the goddesses across the land soon learned of the resultant ensuing feeling of well-being experienced shortly after indulging in it, as well as the health benefits it possessed.  Happiness reigned over the land.  In time the goddesses learned that they wanted all things divine. The Gourmet Goddess was beckoned to find delicious and easily prepared meals, but that is yet another story.

-Barbara Esatto, The Chocolate Goddess