The excitement of the Royal Wedding has renewed interest in all things British.  It is only fitting that The Chocolate Goddess should acknowledge England for its contributions to the development of chocolate.

Chocolate first trickled across Europe in liquid form, becoming the drink of the wealthy aristocratic man and woman.  Chocolate drinking became a social event and chocolate houses appeared all over Europe and in England.

Some chocolate establishments diluted the melted chocolate with spirits. Other chocolate establishments, like White’s and the Cocoa Tree, offered a rich thick melted chocolate as a social drink with curative powers. We should praise the English for they were the first to add milk to the melted chocolate in 1730, and our familiar hot chocolate was born.

Let us also pay tribute to the chocolatiers of England for another outstanding development in the chocolate industry, for it is Joseph Storrs Fry of Bristol, England who made the first molded solid chocolate bar for eating in 1847.  Shortly thereafter, in 1849, solid chocolate was similarly developed by the Cadbury brothers.

The Chocolate Goddess considers the making of solid chocolate, one of the greatest contributions to mankind!  This invention should be held in high esteem, for a world without solid chocolate is unimaginable!

-Barbara Esatto, The Chocolate Goddess