Aztec Brownies
With Orange Pepper Glaze and Chocolate Ganache

The Chocolate Goddess® has just a few recipes remaining and the cookbook will be complete. “The Chocolate Goddess – Luscious Chocolate Desserts for the Goddess in All of Us”®, promises to have unique and decadent desserts and treats. It has been project that I lovingly undertook, three years in the making. Each recipe was composed to be unquestionably delicious then tested and retested with the reverence it deserved.

The Chocolate Goddess® has tried to incorporate something for every taste and every level of skill so that the cookbook may be all-embracing. One thing that struck me as of late is that there is an increased desire for recipes that turn up the heat. It started my mind meandering to the Aztecs who first discovered this wondrous food called chocolate, and the flavors they added to make it pleasing to their palette. Everyone should know a bit about the history of the delicious treat we so enjoy.

It is evident that chocolate has always been looked upon as more than an ordinary food substance. In its beginnings it was served only in liquid form. The Aztec court under Montezuma imbibed in a thousand pitchers full of chocolate a day, with Montezuma drinking fifty of them himself. They mixed their xocolatl (chocolate) pounded from the seeds of the cocoa pod with wine, pepper, honey, cinnamon, cloves and fruits Montezuma’s army marched on liquid chocolate for they felt it contained all the strength and nourishment they needed .

Montezuma also trusted in chocolates’ aphrodisiac powers, for he guzzled a golden goblet filled with the chocolate drink each time he entered his harem.

The ancient cultures of the Aztecs and Mayans both felt strongly that chocolate was a potion that could impart wisdom, strength and virility. They also believed it was the food of the gods and decreed it was only to be enjoyed by males. It has now been proclaimed by The Chocolate Goddess® as the food of the goddess as and we women are partaking mindfully and enjoying our just desserts.

This week I have composed a tribute to those who discovered chocolate and aptly named it The Aztec Brownie. It is inspired by the flavors and spices used by Aztecs and Mayans to enhance chocolate and customize it to their taste. Chipotle pepper, cinnamon, cloves and orange -melded with a Chuao Chocolatier bar will dance the fandango with your taste buds.

The Aztec Brownies along with many other brownies, cupcakes, cookies, cakes and goddess delights will be in the first cookbook. We will also have available professional grade aprons available soon with the logos for The Chocolate Goddess, The Gourmet Goddess and Goddess on the Go.

Soon week we will present a sneak peak of these aprons as they are being made for us!