Strawberry S'Mores

Strawberry S'Mores
Summertime Dessert

I love s’mores! They are the perfect summer sweet. However, I bet you have never seen a strawberry s’mores sandwich! Maybe you are tired of strawberry shortcake so this is the perfect new and different treat for your summer strawberries.

I found huge Campfire’s Giant Roasters and Stawberry flavored Fruitswirlers marshmallows at iParty in West Hartford Connecticut. A star is born!!!

I layered wedges of Hershey’s Chocolate, half of a giant pink marshmallow, a strawberry cut in half lengthwise ,and another piece of chocolate as the glue in between two graham cracker squares. I nuked them for 45 seconds. I have a very powerful microwave so you will have to watch and time these out for yourself.

I presented them on a pink and white plate, it really added to the presentation. What pretty dessert and so quick and easy!

Make someone a strawberry s’more. - BE  Goddess!