Fashion at the Oscars

A true goddess loves fashion and watching the exquisite gowns accessorized perfectly on the red carpet is something The Chocolate Goddess look forward to every year. Anne Hathaway was elegant, stately and poised in her pale pink Prada with clean lines in the front. However, as she turned from the camera, the dress revealed another side to her personality – her inner temptress was revealed by the seductive cutouts - revealing much of her back that was further accented by a Tiffany necklace worn backwards.

Charlize Theron was statuesque in a tailored gown that reinvented the peplum that originated in Grecian times. It is hard to wear white and she pulled it off beautifully. Her new short haircut reinforced the bold sharp lines of the dress. Jessica Chastain’s Armani gown cleverly reflected the copper color of her hair. The slight shimmer of the gown reflected just enough light to bring out a bit of warmth of her alabaster skin.

Jennifer Anaston’s red Valentino reminded me of a gown I once wore to a Christmas ball. I am glad to see the full skirted gown making a comeback in her dress as well as in the Oscar de la Renta Amy Adams wore. I adored its flouncy ruffled bottom - although I wished it had been made in a pastel color rather than grey.

Jennifer Lawrence stole the show in her Dior haute couture gown. It was at once sensual in that it embraced the curves of her body and yet playful with the sumptuous and creamy billows of the material that flared out starting from the tops of her leg, reflecting what seems to be Miss Lawrence’s true personality.

These actresses, goddesses every one of them, also wore the highest of heels as vogue shoe styles deem. Everyone knows that it seems heels will never go out of style when dressed to the hilt so why oh why has no one ever positioned two strapping young men to escort these ladies up the stairs? It was only a matter of time that one should take a tumble like Jennifer did. It is impossible to walk in a long gown without stepping on the material, no less go up a stairway without a handrail. Her recovery was comical and thank goodness she wasn’t injured.

Providing escorts for these high-heeled actresses seems a simple solution, and one they deserve. I hope the Oscar’s in 2014 heed the advice of The Chocolate Goddess – 2 strong mortal men to escort the goddesses up the stairs please!

Remember say something kind to someone every day – BE Goddess