I have taken the last two weeks off to help welcome my new Grandson into the world. He is cute as a button, a 6 pound 5 ounce bundle of joy with a cherubic face like Venus’ son Cupid. He is wide awake and alert and my heart is singing with sheer joy. The heavens shined down upon my family for he is healthy and strong.

I also had a special event with my husband Paul at the Waldorf that required some attention. We enjoyed hearing speaker Michael Strahan tell his motivational story of perseverance in teaching himself how to become a football player, sports announcer and most recently a chat show host.

Apparently he grew up in Germany, not knowing the game of football at all until he moved back to the states in his later years of high school. Like Pink says - try, try.

I will be back to completing The Chocolate Goddess cookbook next week! I have two cupcakes left and a few cakes and then it is on to self-publishing or finding just the right publisher. I will try, try to make next week’s cupcake absolutely delicious. It takes research, composition and then many experiments to make it absolutely perfect. Then I and the art team of KayWaal Creative Thinking + Solutions must find just the right plates, props and or materials to make the photo for the cookbook a feast for the eyes as well.

Remember whatever you are trying to accomplish this week, do your best and try, try - that is part of what it takes to BE Goddess!