Easter BasketsLet’s Get Creative

The Easter basket gets another makeover from The Chocolate Goddess. Last year we made soda bottle baskets for Easter. They are great for your teenager who has outgrown the traditional basket. There are so many colorful sodas and containers you can use, from traditional like Coke®, and 7-UP® to the pastel soda colors Jones makes®

Soda Basket

This year let’s get even more imaginative. What about an Easter Bonnet? Your little girl, your niece, your granddaughter – what girl wouldn’t love lots of Easter goodies and a hat! They can enjoy the treat and then they get to wear the bonnet out to Easter brunch!

Here I tried a little snack box. It has bubbles and tools that are different shaped bubble wands. For a little person, all you need are a few bits of candy. I also added a grow-a-dinosaur egg. Lunch boxes make great baskets too for girls and boys. Afterward they have a shiny new tote for school.

What about Mom or Aunt Pam? Purchase a pretty teapot and fill it with paper grass shred. Here I added a decorative bunny. You can even use a teacup and put in some chocolate foiled eggs or a coconut nest.

You don’t have to just use paper grass shed. What about filling the basket with petals or flowers? I first put some tissue and grass underneath so that I did not have to purchase lots of flowers and add expense. Michael’s had some great choices of flowers and vines.

I gathered chocolates from Godiva®, Bon Bon’s in Huntington, New York and Munson’s in Connecticut. Wrap them in cellophane and add a pretty bow. I like clear cello so you can see what is in them and taste with your eyes.

BE Goddess and make someone happy with a creative basket this Easter!