Goddess On the Go Grilled Cheese

The Goddess on the Go® visits today with the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich to help celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month.

This past Saturday I enjoyed the most delicious three course dinner at Arethusa al Tavolo in Litchfield CT. It is a farm to table restaurant that partners George Malkemus and Anthony Yurgaitis opened. Mr. Malkemus and Mr. Yurgaitis also happen to be executives at Manolo Blahnik.

It all started with the purchase of their own dairy and they bought the name Arethusa. There was a wood nymph in mythology named Arethusa and I wonder if that is where the inspiration for the name came. The partners make the most unbelievable cheeses, milks, butter and ice cream which are found in their store which is alongside the restaurant.

The products from the farm are incorporated in many of the dishes at their restaurant Arethusa al Tavolo. Here my husband, I and two friends had the most superior meal this Saturday, better than any renowned restaurant in Manhattan.

It was here I came to learn it was National Grilled Cheese month. One of the Farmer’s Cheeses I purchased had basil and pine nuts and it led to the inspiration for one of the many grilled cheese sandwiches I intend to make this month in honor of this magnificent toasty gooey delight.

Today I bought delicious and crusty Italian bread.

Then a spread of farmer’s cheese with basil and pine nuts.

I layered on a picante provolone.

After that I added some ham and rosemary and sautéed the sandwich in a mixture of light olive oil and butter. I cooked it on a very low flame covered so the cheese would have a chance to melt. I checked it frequently and turned it only once. When it was golden brown and the cheese was starting to ooze, I took it out of the pan and sprinkled on some course sea salt. With a glass of Italian white wine it made the perfect dinner!

Make it for yourself and a friend. Remember to always BE Goddess.