Easter Baskets

Waking up on Easter morning to my basket filled with chocolate and jelly beans is one of my happiest childhood memories. I decided it would be a nice contribution to my parents’ Easter dinner to make little baskets to put at every place setting. It would be nice for everyone to receive their own Easter basket this year.

I found these great little flowered baskets at Michael’s craft store. Yellow and purple are such perfect Easter colors. You can use them as baskets or flip up the sides to look like a take out box.

Michael’s also had these sweet daisies in shades of lavender and white. I glued the lavender ones to the handles. I am just using the lavender and saving the white for something with more contrast.

I filled them all with yellow grass. jelly beans, and foil wrapped chocolate eggs.

At first I was leaving them like an open basket, but then I knocked into one and it spilled. I decided it was best to flip up the tops for the ride to Easter dinner. This project was quick and easy to make and was a festive addition to the dinner table. My mother coordinated them with a lavender tablecloth and yellow napkins. Simple Spring color theme!

BE Goddess and make these Easter baskets for your family and friends!