Sometimes you just don’t want to take down the Christmas tree (assuming it is artificial of course).  You can extend the season of celebration first by for New Year’s Eve by festooning the tree with a variety of noise makers, multicolored lights and streamers.   It can be great fun to refurbish the tree once again for Valentine’s Day.

Venus the goddess of love and her son Cupid must be admiring this tree adorned for Valentine’s Day.  This tree was strung white, pink and red lightsand heart ribbon.  The Chocolate  Goddess set aside all the heart shaped ornaments from the Christmas tree and enjoyed collecting more heart shaped ornaments from stores and websites like that have year round ornaments and decorations.

Place little gifts of love like the heart shaped take out containers f you see below from the last blog. It may be a great place to discover that engagement ring too – under the lovemas tree!

- Barbara Esatto, The Chocolate Goddess