The Chocolate Goddess® has come up with an easy solution for the teenager who is too cool for that traditional basket. A soda bottle basket filled with chocolate and treats is the answer!  This craft is fun and easy to make.

Simply get a cardboard carrying basket of sodas.  Whether you use Coke ®, Pepsi®, diet sodas, Sprite ® or 7-up®, try to get candies in monochromatic colors for visual effect.  Fill each pocket with some paper towels or leftover Styrofoam noodles. Top with grass. Place 2 soda bottles in diagonal corners for balance.

Of course The Chocolate Goddess® insists that a chocolate bunny is a must.  Make sure its base will fit in the pocket.  Start filling and building your basket with chocolate lollipops Pez®Peeps® Twizzlers®, Push Pops® chocolate dipped pretzels, Pop Rocks®, Necco® Candy Buttons and any candy that suits your fancy.  Tape and double face tape items togetheras you build, trying to tape mostly from the back or where tape won’t be obvious.

Top it with a festive bow or wrap it in cello and watch make someone happy for Easter!

- Barbara Esatto, The Chocolate Goddess