Colorful take out containers are great for making favors for your Valentine party or dinner.  It is a way to make your gathering more memorable. Guests get to take the party home with them in hand and the fun and excitement of the celebration lingers on.

Here you see I have chosen a Valentine colored theme using red ones for the boys and men and the pink are for the girls and ladies. I added a sticker to enhance the front and placed some pink, red and white paper shred.  Name tags from Martha Stewart Crafts® strung above them with little clothespins make it easy to individualize if there are age differences or dietary restrictions.

What you put in them is totally up to you.  I put a small container of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish®, pretzels, candies and Marshmallow Peeps® pink hearts in each.  Of course there are some chocolates and sprinkling of Hershey’s® Valentine foil wrapped kisses for a splash of color

There are red gloves in the girls, flowery makeup or pencil case and kitchen towels with checks and hearts, for the ladies.  Each towel and each pair of gloves are tied with heart ribbon.  The ladies also each have feminine nail files, Valentine pencils and hair ribbons. Besides the candies, snacks and chocolates, the boys and men got team socks also tied with a ribbon, Pez ® candy dispensers and football stickers.  The possibilities of what you place in them are endless. 
Here’s to enjoying life and all the special occasions!

- Barbara Esatto, The Chocolate Goddess