The Goddess Remembers Nana


Recently someone asked me what is among my most prized possessions.The first thing that came to mind is a small aluminum measuring cup that wasmy Nana’s. It has to be nearly one hundred years old. Oxidizing, dented and warped it simply has quarter cups marked on one side, and thirds of a cupmarked on the other.

Nana was a prolific cook and baker. Whether she was cooking dinner for herself and my grandfather or 12 Stollens for Christmas, she used the same measuring cup. Once I asked her if she would like a bigger measuring cup. Her answer was, “What for? I have a measuring cup.”

That measuring cup represents an enormous part of my happiest childhood memories. I would race home from school, especially at holiday time, to help her bake cookies and cakes. She would wait for me to measure everything out with her. We would chat merrily, laugh, measure, stir and bake –sometimes with Julia Child on in the background.

As small as it is, this is one full cup – overflowing with memories of happiness, love, baking and childhood memories.

- Barbara Esatto, The Chocolate Goddess