Penny Candy
I remember walking home from St. Matthias grammar school my friends and I would stop at the Mom and Pop sweet shop for penny candy. It was a great treat to look forward to after a long day at school. There was something great about penny candy - you felt you had more buying power with your nickel than getting just one Milky Way, not to say I didn’t go for one of those from time to time.  

If you were lucky enough to have 10 cents you could get a flying saucer, tootsie roll, bazooka gum, an orange banana marshmallow, licorice whip, a jelly bar, chocolate covered marshmallow bar, a Mary Jane, chocolate covered cherries wrapped in foil and a malt ball.

These days the health rules dictate that food needs to be wrapped in some fashion. Bulk penny candy is sold packaged at sites like www.bulkcandystore.com or  www.thepennycandystore.com/.

My sister knows how much I loved candy and chocolate stores.  For my birthday she created a nostalgic present.  Thanks for the memories Lisa!